BBQ Pellets

The secret weapon for adding rich, smoky flavor to your food. The flavors are created from choice hardwoods and are free from fillers or binders. Choose our premium all-natural wood pellets to deliver a perfect, clean smoke.

Hickory: All-natural Hickory pellets bring a robust smokiness to beloved BBQ meats like ribs, butts and brisket.

Cherry: All-natural Cherry pellets add a sweet, fruity, inviting deliciousness to all your favorite meats and veggies.

Apple: All-natural Apple pellets lighten things up with a subtle, sweet smokiness that beautifully flavors ham, fish and poultry.

Mesquite: All-natural Mesquite pellets create a strong, earthy, uniquely bold smoky flavor that enhances every cut of beef.  It’s also fantastic with a rack of ribs or a pork butt. Mesquite pellets are also great to blend with a milder flavor, like Apple or Pecan.

Gourmet Blend: The Grillmasters favorite and perfect for every occasion.