Solo Stoves

Upgrade your firepit with Solo Stove*. A unique stand alone fire pit system. You won’t be disappointed!
Designed with a double wall, the Solo Stove* is a natural convection inverted downgas gasifer stove. The Solo Stove* doesn’t just burn wood. It actually cooks the smoke out of the wood and then burns the smoke not once, but twice. Giving you a smokeless burn every time.
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Solo Stove Models

Solo Stove Grills

The company that bought you the ultimate fire pit now has the ultimate portable grill. Grill masters have been stuck behind grills adjusting temperatures, and messing with knobs for too long. This bundle includes both Short and Tall Stand, letting you grill in the backyard or on the beach. Their Signature 360° Airflow Design™ lets you go from box to burger in 30 minutes.

What’s Included
  • Solo Stove Grill — No-hassle charcoal grilling
  • Grill Short Stand — 13” portable grill stand
  • Grill Tall Stand* — 21” Traditional grill stand
  • Grill Pack — All Natural Charcoal briquettes (4lbs)
  • Grill Tools — Hefty spatula, tongs, and meat fork
  • Grill Shelter — Protects Grill from the elements
  • Grill Carry Case — Bring Grill along for the ride
  • Starters (4ct) — A surefire start to the perfect flam